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Natural Solutions has been the premiere service installer of mulch and soil applications throughout the US. Due to unique, licensed and patented technologies, Natural Solutions has been a valuable resource by creating innovative and cost effective solutions for its clients. With traditional cost savings of nearly 30 - 40% there isn’t a better option than choosing Natural Solutions for all your service needs.



Our method Blown-in Mulch

Natural Solutions owns a fleet of pneumatic blower trucks providing the company with the ability to significantly improve installation processes and methodologies.


Mulch Varieties

Natural Solution’s largest service offering, The Mulch Blowing Division, works intimately with its clients to provide installation based off of individual specifications. The efficiency of the blower truck technology has helped reduce unnecessary problems that are traditionally associated with hand applications. The innovative pneumatic conveying system has helped eliminate the amount of wasted material, labor intensive work, accessibility problems and inability to complete work on time.
  • Cedar

    Cedar mulch comes from the bark of the cedar tree, an evergreen that grows abundantly in U.S. In…

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  • Brown Enviro

    This is a hardwood mulch. It is Chocolate Brown in color and will generally last between 3-4 years.…

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  • Red Enviro

    Red Enviro-Mulch is a ground Pine Mulch that is dyed Red with and Environmentally safe Dye. Red Enviro-Mulch…

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  • Double Shredded Hardwood Bark

    This double Shredded hardwood bark mulch is made from 100% tree bark, and not ground up wood. Therefore…

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  • Oak

    Single Oak is a hardwood mulch. It is medium brown in color and will generally last between 2-3…

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  • Hemlock

    Hemlock mulch is made from a hard wood tree. Hemlock is a rich red to orange or burgundy…

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  • Pine

    Pine mulch is made of shredded bark from pine trees, it's sold or made for use in gardening.…

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  • Certified Woodchip

    Certified woodchips are very popular for playgrounds. The woodchip is light in color and are chiped from virgin…

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